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The Economics and Business Studies department at Rydal Penrhos School is a strong, dedicated and effective team, providing a stimulating environment, and enabling pupils to successfully make the transition from GCSE to A-level and the IB. A significant number of pupils choose to study Economics- and/or Business-related degrees at university, which is further proof of the vibrancy and relevance of the department and the subject area.

Business Studies and Economics remain two of the most popular choices for pupils at GCSE and A-level or IB. The aims and influence of the department stretch beyond the classroom and the curriculum and, through the involvement of its members in a wide variety of areas whether it be via national competitions, visits to different companies, university lectures, market research projects or school-based business activities and simulations, it is in many ways firmly at the heart of the school.

Why study Economics?

Economics is a social science that involves the study of how individuals, firms, governments and economics attempt to solve their economic problems. It also incorporates some study of social and political issues. The skills learned and concepts studied by economists will prove of vital importance in their future development as employees and citizens.

Why study Business Studies?

Business studies pupils develop an understanding of the integrated nature of Business Studies and an ability to apply understanding to the real world. If you are looking for a course which will challenge you, complement many other courses, and open up new avenues, Business Studies could well be for you. The subject is not intended to be vocational; however, it is attractive to employers, as the skills learned are useful to many careers such as general management of finance. It is also an excellent vehicle in terms of delivering Key Skills, which are now recognised by many university admissions tutors.


GCSE Business Studies/ iGCSE Business Studies
A-level Business Studies
A-level Economics
IB Economics

Economics and Business Studies are reformed A levels and AS level is now de-coupled and runs as a separate course. It may be possible for certain candidates to still take AS if they speak to us about their needs.

  • GCSE Business Studies – this subject is an option for year 10 and year 11 pupils. The OCR syllabus provides coverage of all business theory and has a new controlled assessment component, allowing pupils to demonstrate their own understanding of business in a case study.
  • A-level Business Studies – this allows pupils to develop their understanding of business further. More technical analysis is provided and in particular evaluative skills are developed.
  • A-level Economics – the course not only develops an understanding of economic theory and how to apply that theory but also develops critical thinking skills as so much of your success in examinations depends on the ability to be critical and evaluative.
  • IB Economics – The course allows pupils to develop their understanding through the writing of commentaries about current issues in Economics. Many pupils choose Economics to write their extended essay, thus helping to develop understanding further.


Pupils are taught in three classrooms with access to fully equipped computer rooms that are internet enabled. In addition to up-to-date textbooks and a well-stocked Learning Resource Centre there are a wide variety of resources which are accessible by everyone via the school intranet. All pupils of Economics and Business Studies have more IT resources than an independent learner could ever possibly read as they have online access to:

  • Teachers’ notes, work sheets and guidelines
  • Examination board material such as past-papers and mark schemes
  • Specialised material for examination modules
  • Economics and Business Studies simulations and case-studies
  • Updated material supplied by Tutor2u, Bized etc

Head of Department
Mr M Farnell BA
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Business & Economics teaching staff
Mr P Sanders BA

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