Our Future

At the heart of Rydal Penrhos lies an unwavering dedication to our ethos of “Doing all the good you can.”

This fundamental principle infuses every facet of school life, cultivating a community where compassion, kindness, and service are all part of our way of life.

With a rich 140-year legacy, as Rydal Penrhos School sets its sights on the next 140 years, we will continue to do all the good we can for our pupils; delivering the finest possible curriculum, resources, facilities, and opportunities.

Strategic Action Plan

The Rydal Penrhos High Level Strategic Action Plan offers an insight into our key objectives and strategies as we further develop and improve our first-in-class educational provision into the future.

Rooted in our values, mission and heritage, our Strategic Action Plan illustrates our pathway towards the continued flourishing of the school and, most importantly, our pupils.

As the day-to-day workings of our school continue, with thousands of decisions routinely made, small and large, know that each of these will be in service of the seven pillars of the Strategic Action Plan.

You can read the High Level Strategic Action Plan by clicking here.