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Rydal Penrhos charm by Clogau

rydal penrhos


Beautiful exclusive silver and rose gold charm made by Clogau Gold especially for Rydal Penrhos.

This is undeniably a collector’s item. Clogau Gold is the rarest gold in the world and is mined from the last remaining gold mine in Wales, so this really is a very special item.

The detail is incredible on such a small piece encompassing the lamp, the dolphin that represents the Rydal and Penrhos history.

The Osbornes and Rydal Mount School, 1885-1915

rydal penrhos

The Osbornes and Rydal Mount School (£7.50 inc P&P)

Written by Headmaster Peter Watkinson this paperback plots the history of “A Promising Place in the North”.

A son of the manse, Mr Watkinson was educated at Rossall School before reading Modern History at Worcester College,Oxford.

He was Head of History at Campbell College, Belfast, and St Albans School before being appointed as Rydal’s fifth Headmaster in 1968.


Vikings Tie

rydal penrhos

Vikings Tie (£28 inc P&P)


Rydal Penrhos Society Scarf

rydal penrhos

Rydal Penrhos Society Scarf (£12 inc P&P)



Rydal Penrhos Shopping Bag

rydal penrhos

Rydal Penrhos Shopping Bag (£5 inc P&P)

Penrhos College 1980-1999 book

rydal penrhos

Penrhos College – 1980-1999 (£12 inc P&P)


Penrhos College: The Second Fifty Years

rydal penrhos

Penrhos College: The second 50 years (£10 inc P&P)


Penrhos and Rydal during the Great War

rydal penrhos

Penrhos and Rydal during the Great War (£6 inc P&P)

A 36-page paperback booklet covering the period of the First World War.

This book gives a fantastic insight into life at Rydal and Penrhos during this time and is a must-read for anyone with an interest in the history of Rydal or Penrhos.



A Dramatic Story: A history of theatre at Rydal Penrhos

rydal penrhos

A Dramatic Story: A history of theatre at Rydal Penrhos (£13 inc P&P)

If you were ever involved in Drama at school, then this is the book for you. Covering 1899 to 2015 this paperback dedicated to Mr Robert Tickner archivist, schoolmaster and housemaster is a history of Drama at Rydal School, Penrhos College and Rydal Penrhos.

It includes some historical information, lots of photographs and reviews along with the memoirs of John Fletcher and Denis Lavin.

Replica Rydal rugby shirts by Canterbury

rydal penrhos


Synonymous with Rydal School was the sight of the rugby team in their striped gold and black rugby shirts! And so we have reproduced them… yes what a gift an “old boys” rugby shirt based on the design of the original.

Shirts are available in a range of sizes, and are priced at £50

You can order your shirt by emailing