Art Culture Club starts with Guatemalan Worry Dolls project
September 19, 2019

Aspiring Preparatory School artists have been taking part in a special project as part of a new extra-curricular initiative.

The Year 3 contingent at Rydal Penrhos spent some of their time with passionate teacher Suzy Morris at the Prep School’s stunning Art Room for the first Culture Club session of the academic year.

This is another exciting addition to the after school club programme implemented by Prep School teaching staff, which gives each pupil from Pre-School to Year 6 the chance to heighten their overall experiences in their field of choice.

As part of their opening session, each pupil was tasked with creating their very own Guatemalan Worry Dolls, which is an ancient ritual where children from the country tell them their troubles before they go to bed.

The Art Culture Club will focus on looking at inspiration about art and culture of different societies across the world.

It could be Aboriginal, Indian, Greek, Portuguese, or anything else that inspires those taking part.

The pupils will be creating artefacts, listening to music and reading stories too under the expert guidance and support of Mrs Morris.

Assistant Head Catherine Hughes, said: “Our Art department is such a vibrant place for our children to enhance their creativity, which in turn boosts their overall development considerably.

“Mrs Morris’ unrivalled passion and enthusiasm for her work is an absolute inspiration to those she teaches, and this is sure to make the Art Culture Club a huge success going forward.”