Rydal Penrhos – The Promise in Action: An Extensive Programme of School Trips and Extra-Curricular Clubs and Activities
April 10, 2024

Rydal Penrhos has set out its Promise; six core tenets that define the minimum standards that children, parents, carers, and families can rely on us to deliver, year-after-year. In this series of articles, we unpack each part of The Rydal Penrhos Promise, and explain what it means for the young people in our care.

5. An Extensive Programme of School Trips and Extra-Curricular Clubs and Activities.

At Rydal Penrhos, education is about much more than what happens inside the classroom. We firmly believe that, while textbooks and course materials are essential parts of learning, they are not the be all and end all. Rydal Penrhos works hard to offer a range of experiences that ignite curiosity, foster leadership, and inspire a lifelong love for learning. Central to this philosophy is our extensive programme of school trips and extra-curricular clubs and activities.

After navigating the challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic, we are thrilled to have returned to a full and varied calendar of trips. These excursions are not mere recreational outings; they are carefully crafted to reinforce classroom learning and infuse education with a sense of adventure and exploration. Whether it’s delving into modern history in Poland or exploring the natural wonders of Iceland, each trip is designed to broaden horizons and deepen understanding.

Our larger residential trips, such as those to Poland and Iceland, offer pupils immersive experiences that blend adventure with education. The Poland trip, with its poignant visits to Auschwitz-Birkenau and educational tours of Krakow, instilled a profound appreciation for the history and geography of the area. Similarly, the Iceland trip combined cultural exploration with geological interest, providing pupils with a first-hand view of Earth’s most incredible natural landscapes.

These flagship trips are cross-curricular in nature, meaning that pupils from different academic disciplines can find enrichment in the experience. Smaller trips can be more specifically subject-based, using local resources to provide tailored experiences that cater to particular interests and needs. From physics masterclasses at prestigious universities to life lessons at a local educational activity centre, these trips make the most of different learning avenues.

For our younger pupils in the Prep School, annual residentials offer opportunities for growth and camaraderie. Year 6 pupils embark on their own residential, which is carefully crafted to respond to the specific opportunities and responsibilities that pertain to children on the verge of Senior School. Years 3 to 5 venture out on their own residential; at the time of publication, this trip is currently underway, with pupils travelling to enjoy an adventure-filled two night stay at Ilam Hall.

Ski trips, a longstanding tradition at Rydal Penrhos, offer pupils the chance to embrace the thrill of snow sports while exploring new destinations. Whether it was Prep and KS3 pupils carving through the slopes of Italy, or Seniors venturing to New Hampshire, last year’s trips were cherished memories that allowed pupils to further explore a sport they practice regularly with the school at Llandudno Snowsport Centre. With a trip to the former Winter Olympic venue of Sestriere taking place in 2025, it promises to be another incredible adventure for our skiiers.

Beyond school trips, our extracurricular clubs and activities offer a diverse array of opportunities for pupils to pursue their passions and interests. With over seventy options available each term, there is something for everyone. From traditional options like sports practices and homework club, to more unconventional pursuits like British Sign Language and mindful colouring, all our extra-curricular clubs provide avenues for personal growth and exploration.

Extra-curricular sessions occur during the final hour of the school day, offering pupils a break from academic studies before evening homework, while also allowing them to immerse themselves fully in their chosen activities. Whether it is honing leadership skills in the Combined Cadet Force or embarking on the famous The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, these clubs empower pupils to develop valuable life skills and forge lasting friendships.

Several academic-focused clubs bridge the gap between classroom learning and extracurricular interests, helping pupils cultivate genuine passions and career aspirations. From subject clinics and writing clubs to coding workshops and STEM club, these options all foster intellectual curiosity and academic excellence. For those pupils seeking to complete an additional GCSE, Welsh Second-Language is an option, allowing pupils to complete their qualification without sacrificing other subjects from the timetable.

In essence, the extensive programme of school trips and extra-curricular clubs and activities at Rydal Penrhos embodies our commitment to providing a holistic education that nurtures the mind, body, and spirit. Through these enriching experiences, we empower pupils to embrace the world with curiosity, courage, and compassion, preparing them for success in an ever-changing global landscape.

The Rydal Penrhos Promise

Our Commitment to Your Child; Our Pupil

1. Small class sizes, experienced teachers, exceptional academic results.
2. Significant and ongoing investment in school buildings and equipment.
3. A broad and diverse curriculum for pupils aged two to eighteen.
4. Outstanding pastoral support from a dedicated team of specialists.
5. An extensive programme of school trips and extra-curricular clubs and activities.
6. A bespoke learning experience for every child.