Coronavirus: A message from Barnardo’s
April 15, 2020

The following message was sent to Executive Principal John Waszek from Matt Charlton, Community Fundraising Officer at Barnardo’s.

Dear Mr Waszek,

I applaud the work that you are doing at Rydal Penrhos School. It goes without saying that your support of vulnerable children, children of key workers and boarders who cannot get home is a vital lifeline through these unprecedented times.

Barnardo’s is the national charity partner of the Boarding School Association. Over the past few years, boarding schools across the UK have helped to raise over £26,000 to support Barnardo’s work.

Barnardo’s COVID-19 Crisis Response Appeal

For many children and young people, their school is a safe haven. The closure of schools to most children means this safe haven has disappeared.

Many children living with mental health issues are finding their problems compounded by the Coronavirus pandemic. Strains on mental health include feeling anxious, lonely and unsafe at home. Parents and carers may also feel anxious about not being able to support their children making it difficult for them to care for their child’s wellbeing.

By sharing our appeal through digital learning tools, your school’s network can help us remotely counsel and support children through this crisis as well as providing personalised mental health support packs containing items to help them cope with this unprecedented crisis.

Every child deserves someone to listen, to understand and to support. For many children, a Barnardo’s support worker is that person.

Please help our front-line workers continue reaching vulnerable children, young people and their families by sharing our COVID-19 Crisis Response Appeal.

I would also be more than happy to join you in the new school year and speak to your pupils about how Barnardo’s supported families in your local area through the COVID-19 crisis.

Best Wishes,

Matt Charlton

Community Fundraising Officer