Coronavirus: A message from the Chairman of Governors
March 23, 2020

Dear Parents

I am writing to reinforce and support the essential messages of the Principal. The safety, education and progress of our pupils is the highest priority of the Governing Board, and we commend to you the action of the staff at this very difficult moment. I know how much time and effort has been devoted to putting together a programme of learning for the pupils.

As you will be aware, the School will also be continuing to offer particular support to key workers, which include many of our parents.

It is important to stress that the School remains open to all, even if the campus is closed. We will continue to provide education through remote teaching and learning until such time as we are advised otherwise. If at that point it is in the best interests of the pupils, then term dates will be reviewed and additional tuition provided.

Until the School campus is able to reopen, our staff face a daunting period. This is particularly evident in Years 11 and 13 where the cancellation of examinations will mean that our teachers have to carry out and moderate, extensive and rigorous assessments during next term and potentially into July.

The continuity of the education for the pupils has been made possible by the excellent work and dedication of our staff in tackling the challenges we currently face. I know that their work is greatly appreciated and I have read the numerous supportive comments received from many parents.

We are only too well aware of the financial pressures that the current situation is placing on our families. We are hopeful that the various packages announced by the government will enable the School to amend the fees for the period by subsidising the cost of employing the school staff, whose role will be critical to the pupils. As with all independent schools which are charities, we do not have large reserves of cash; the funds we receive each academic year are, quite rightly and properly, devoted to our current pupils.

You will not be surprised that by far and away our largest expenditure is on the 56 teachers who provide your children’s education and whose work is crucial to pupils. Their work is currently of great importance and will be so much needed once this period is over.

Consequently, we ask that the summer term fees be paid to the School in three instalments on 21 April, 21 May and 22 June and this will be reflected in the invoices we distribute. In some areas we will able to reduce costs, such as in catering and transport. To the extent that government subsidies cover some of the running costs of the School, then we should be able to amend the fee payments accordingly.

Finally, I would also like to thank you for your continuing support for our School and to wish everyone good health and happiness and a period when we can all get back to a sense of normality in our lives.

Yours sincerely


Chair of Governors