Coronavirus: North Wales Police SchoolBeat tools
April 30, 2020

A new pupil activity book for 5-7-year-olds has been launched via the North Wales Police SchoolBeat website this week.

All the activities are based on inputs which Rydal Penrhos pupils will most probably have received during the SCPO visits to your school in the last year.

Produced in downloadable format, they are easy resources for parents to print. They encourage a variety of skills including discussion and listening which are essential from a safeguarding perspective.

They can be accessed here.





A host of other additional information during the coronavirus pandemic can be found on SchoolBeat’s social media accounts. These include Podcasts and Vlogs from the Officers.

Twitter: @NWSchoolbeat and @Schoolbeat.

Facebook: SchoolBeat  

More resources are also available on the SchoolBeat website at www.schoolbeat.cymru

Activity Book Number 2 is already in production and will be available next week. Keep an eye out for it if you can!