COVID-19 closure: A message from Prep School head Mrs Davies
March 18, 2020

For clarification, School will officially close for pupils at the end of the day on Thursday 19th March. Pupils are not required to attend school tomorrow but we would encourage them to do so as we will be giving out the learning packs to pupils in all year groups from Reception to Year 6.

We will be talking about these during the day with pupils and explaining how to use them. If your child does not come to school tomorrow these learning packs will be available from the front desk after 3.30pm until 5.30pm for collection.

Preparing for home learning:

  • All staff have been briefed, and all are preparing for the need to provide learning packs for each child from Reception to year 6
  • Staff will be available to answer any queries during term time using the form emails below
  • In the case of a prolonged school closure teachers will prepare videos of new learning content where necessary and possible

Nursery – Mrs L Roberts n@rydalpenrhos.com

Kindergarten – Mrs L Roberts kg@rydalpenrhos.com

Reception – Mrs L Devilleforte rld@rydalpenrhos.com

Year 1 – Mrs N Merrick 1nm@rydalpenrhos.com

Year 2 – Mrs K Oliver 2ko@rydalpenrhos.com

Year 3 – Mrs J Woodthorpe 3jw@rydalpenrhos.com

Year 4 – Mrs C Culver 4cec@rydalpenrhos.com

Year 5 – Mrs C Chamberlain 5cc@rydalpenrhos.com

Year 6 – Mr J McLeod & Mrs J. Pyves  6pm@rydalpenrhos.com

Support for Front Line Workers (up to and including the Easter Holiday Period):

The School has a significant number of parents who work within the NHS and emergency workers.  We have already offered to Conwy Council our willingness to provide care for the children of frontline workers; this provision will be coordinated by the Local Authority. When we have further information, we will let parents know directly.

Finally, we do receive updates regularly. Below are links to the latest advice received, for your information.  We ask that all members of the School community act responsibly, as we have asked pupils to, to ensure that they are doing their best to keep themselves safe, and also to protect the interests of others. On this point, we kindly ask you to follow the procedures, as outlined in the attached, regarding the need to self-isolate (or indeed isolate members of the immediate family in certain circumstances); this will apply in particular when the School resumes operation.

We would also kindly request that phone calls to the School are only made regarding specific issues/queries, as we will update all parents via email, following any governmental developments and decisions. We will, or course, be in touch with any further information about the timing of the school reopening, as soon as this becomes available.

With thanks for your ongoing support.

Kind regards,

Mrs L Davies

Head of Prep