DofE: Silver Award group praised for assessment expedition efforts
October 4, 2019

A group of intrepid pupils took another huge leap to securing a major distinction thanks to their sterling efforts recently.

No fewer than 18 Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award candidates at Rydal Penrhos braved difficult weather conditions for their assessment expedition, which saw them take part in a series of testing tasks in order to secure their overall goal.

Each pupil involved demonstrated a fantastic determination and work ethic, working together exceptionally well both individually and as a team throughout their time in the mountains.

This was reflected with an outstanding set of results from the assessment, which is a significant part of the award given the challenges involved.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award programme at Rydal Penrhos has gone from strength-to-strength in recent years under the passionate guidance of co-ordinator Dr Lewis, with a host of successful candidates securing prestigious Gold.

These include recently departed Head Boy Nick Fiorita, in addition to the likes of Mili Jayadeep, Sara Owen, Becky Lawton and Jessica Maudsley all achieving the feat form the class of 2018.

Senior School Head Sally Ann Harding, said: “Our Silver Award candidates showed their desire to succeed with a real display of grit and determination that is evident throughout their academic and extra-curricular studies, and they should be enormously proud of their collective efforts throughout a challenging assessment expedition.”