Enrichment Focus: Put it to the Pupils (Y7, 9-13)
January 23, 2020

This special series features a more in-depth look at the wealth of enrichment opportunities available at Rydal Penrhos Senior School throughout the spring term.

Tuesday: Put it to the Pupils (Years 7, 9-13)

This debate session was the idea of Year 7 pupil Finlay Perry and will centre on major topical issues.

Those in attendance will get the opportunity to express their views and thoughts on major news stories such as Brexit, the Royal Family and the recent General Election, coming with ideas as to what they would do if they were in a position of power.

The club will also examine global issues that are having a direct impact on society, with climate change, Donald Trump’s impeachment and the devastating Australian bush fires featuring prominently during the sessions so far this term.

‘Put it to the Pupils’ has been set-up with a view to improving awareness and knowledge of significant domestic and worldwide matters on a weekly basis, in addition to gaining confidence delivering thoughts and small speeches in front of others.

It is also a chance to express views with other year groups and hear the differences in perception between older and younger members of the Rydal Penrhos community.