Enrichment Focus: Research and Referencing
January 16, 2020

This special series features a more in-depth look at the wealth of enrichment opportunities available at Rydal Penrhos Senior School throughout the spring term.

Monday: Research and Referencing (Years 11-13)

It is never too early to start planning for a successful university education, and this session gives pupils the opportunity to navigate the tricky aspect of referencing and researching essays and dissertations to maximise your time and grades.

Referencing allows you to acknowledge the contribution of other writers and researchers in your work.

Any university assignments that draw on the ideas, words or research of other writers must contain citations.

Referencing is also a way to give credit to the writers from whom you have borrowed words and ideas.

As a student or academic, you can draw on any of the millions of ideas, insights and arguments published by other writers, many of whom have spent years researching and writing.

All you need to do is acknowledge their contribution to your assignment.

Rydal Penrhos’ hard-working staff will also explore in-depth the best ways to research assignments, which will stand them in good stead both at university and for any A Level coursework that requires this specialist skill.

Good research is essential for making a particular argument; ensuring facts are prominent throughout your work and for a clearer structure.