Cleaner Marie Harland retires after 35 years at Rydal Penrhos
December 1, 2020

Cleaner Marie Harland retires after 35 years at Rydal Penrhos.

We are sad this week to wave goodbye to Marie Harland, one of our wonderful team of cleaners and an important member of the Rydal Penrhos family.

She has decided to retire after 35 years of service in the school.

Starting in 1985 as a mere slip of a girl in a job she thought would fit wonderfully around bringing up her four children, Marie didn’t realise what a massive part of her life Rydal Penrhos would become.

The popular figure says she has always found it a “nice place to work and everyone is so friendly” but also regaled us with very amusing stories of some of the high jinx pupils in the past had gotten up to.

Rydal Penrhos could not function without each and every member of the community playing their part and Marie is the personification of this.

Marie’s colleagues describe her as “a good friend” and a “good craic” and one member of the team, Alison, said she feels like she is going through a divorce with Marie retiring as “we have worked together for 20 years and it has been an absolute pleasure”.

Marketing and Admissions co-ordinator Debbie McCluskey described how Marie had always been so kind and caring when she had returned from overseas trips, checking in on her to make sure she had returned safely.

Marie assures us she is going to put her feet up a bit now, except when she is walking her dogs and enjoy a well-earned retirement.

We will all miss such a lovely member of the Rydal Penrhos Family.

As well as tributes to her, staff wanted to send messages of thanks and here are just a few.

Sally-Ann Harding – Senior School Head

“Marie has been such a delightful member of our support staff, always ready first thing in the morning to ask how you are with a smile and kind words. I will miss her.”

Phil Sutton – Deputy Head (Staff)

“Marie has always been bright and cheery when cleaning up after me which is impressive especially considering what time she gets up in the mornings. It’s not an easy task as my wife will readily testify. She will be missed by all but especially by Alison with whom she formed a formidable team.”

Andrew Edgley – Swimming Coach

“If it wasn’t for her hard work over last 13 years (my time here ) the pool would not run so smoothly as she always made sure we had clean fresh towels. She will be sadly missed.”

Mike Farnell – Head of Careers

“As a teacher here of 34 years who arrives early, I can always guarantee that Marie would be in even earlier. She never stops work in the early morning to make sure that the place is open and looking spick and span for the rest of us who may be totally unaware of the hard work going to get school ready. Marie always has a friendly word and knows us all.”

Dr Jim Lewis – Maths Teacher/Duke of Edinburgh Leader

“Bye Marie! The early morning corridors already feel empty without you. I hope you enjoy your retirement and get everyone else to clean up after you now. Best wishes.”

Pete Williams – Director of Music

“Marie was a ray of sunshine with Alison in the music department!”

Mary Richardson – RS/PSHE Teacher

“Loved having a chat with Marie! She was always good humoured, down to earth and positive. I will miss seeing her around the school as she has been here as long as I have worked here…..part of the very fabric of the place. I wish her the very best.”


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