Mrs Davies’ daily blog: April 21
April 22, 2020

Rydal Penrhos Daily Notes: April 21

Day 21 – 13 pupils, 8 staff

Another smooth running day of remote learning for our pupils at home (maybe?)…not quite so smooth at school with 13 pupils, mainly from different year groups, all requiring live feeds to lessons at different times!

The tech was sorted this morning and all could be seen and heard at both ‘ends’. Good job our pupils are so tech-savvy, many times sorting themselves out independently and appearing in the right place at the right time whilst the teachers consulted timetables and lost weight running up and downstairs looking for pupils who were already in place!

Without getting too mushy it was very heart-warming indeed to listen to the excitement and camaraderie during these lessons from all members of each class –  a little tear may have welled up at one point, but that may just have been the sun in my eyes! It is amazing to see how the school is turning so successfully to remote learning.

It is obvious to see that our regular attenders at school have really evolved with their independent pandemic measures.

We no longer have to remind them to wash their hands, use the sanitizer wall pumps or have their temperature taken – they know the routines and just get on with it.

The photograph today shows where the children chose to sit to have their lunch…some very good social distancing going on, especially amongst our younger children (touchingly it is always the youngest who are keenest to keep the rules isn’t it!).

Annoyingly social distancing at lunchtime does double the amount of tables and floor space that needs cleaning – I have, however, discovered secret weapons to speed up this job…a metre wide broom and supersized industrial squeezy bottle! Felt a bit of a Mary Poppins song coming on this morning whilst making everything ‘spit spot’!

Mrs L Davies

Head of Prep