Mrs Davies’ daily blog: April 28
April 29, 2020

Rydal Penrhos Daily Notes – April 28

Day 27: 15 pupils, 8 staff

Remote learning has settled into a system and here in school our daily pupils are used to the routine…the new ‘normal’.

Pupils enter the school, turn to their left and apply hand sanitiser, they step forward and have their temperature taken, exclaiming if it is outside of their normal range (even our Pre-School know what their normal is by now!), take their lunch box to the chiller in the dining room by themselves, put their school bag and coat on the trolley and go into the library to settle down to board games and ‘Go Jetters’!

They welcome their friends as they arrive and it is not unusual to see a Year 1 and Year 4 pupil playing chess together and a Year 7 pupil reading a story to a Pre-School pupil.

It is also normal to hear tensions over floor cushion positioning and jigsaw pieces! And all this before 9am when online lessons start and those not in lessons warm-up for the day with Joe Wick’s PE session.

I know that all of our pupils learning from home are following their own routines and we even have some who are still getting dressed in school uniform every day to keep the school vibe going.

There is much talk of when schools will open for all pupils and when things will return to normal.

But for now, our new normal continues and our pupils, both at home and at school are embracing the change and just getting on with it…well done everyone!

Mrs L Davies

Head of Prep