Mrs Davies’ daily blog: March 23
March 24, 2020

Rydal Penrhos Prep head Lucy Davies will be providing a daily account of what is going on at the school during the coronavirus closure. Here is the first instalment.

Daily notes from RP (March 23)

Week 1, day 1 – 22 pupils, 45 staff

Beautiful weather, lovely walk/drive to school for everyone.

This pheasant was the first one to arrive on the playground although he couldn’t open the gate and had to fly over it!

Senior pupils were working really hard until ‘Show My Homework’ crashed due to national overuse – what a nation of keen learners we are!

Prep pupils have been getting their creative juices flowing in the art room, finishing their beautiful African art projects.

Pre-prep and pre-school have been fighting germs with their super lengthy handwashing drill, we won’t have any hot water left at this rate!

Our catering kept everyone nourished with some lovely food, but it was strang learning to spread out across the dining room.

“This is weird,” said pupil A, five-years-old; “I hate those mean germs!” replied pupil B, three-years-old! Just about sums it up really.

We hope everyone is staying healthy and safe during this difficult time.

Mrs L Davies

Head of Prep