Mrs Davies’ daily blog: March 30
March 31, 2020

Rydal Penrhos Daily Notes March 30

Week 2, day 6 –  6 pupils, 5 staff 

This morning was spent being arty and designing posters to thank the NHS.

Rev’d Sissons and Miss Earle declared immediately that art was not their area of expertise but they joined in with gusto…we all love a bit of colouring don’t we!

Of course, the activity escalated into suggestions of a bigger thank you and, once ideas of hot air balloons trailing signs and smoke signals from the prep school tower were abandoned, we settled for a giant chalked message on the playground.

Let me warn you now that if you fancy drawing large letters in chalk on your driveway you need to do some stretching warm-ups first! The pupils were anxious to get started but the constant squatting down and reaching forward was worse than doing a Joe Wick’s warm-up last week!

It took me so long the draw the outline of the letters that when I stood up triumphantly there was no audience left and they had all drifted off to Rev’d Sissons’ scintillating lesson on the rules of hopscotch!!

As you can see, just a few children working together with a couple of adults can make something truly creative given the time…the school bells are continuing to ring but nowadays we have time to ignore them and continue until we have finished a task.

All of the pupils involved have parents working for the NHS and they were so proud to do this photo for them! A sunny moment with the school flag flying and a view of the sea.

We do all like a bit of colouring but this was extreme and it may take all week for my leg muscles to recover!! It better not rain tonight!

Mrs L Davies

Head of Prep