Mrs Davies’ weekly blog: March 2
March 2, 2020

Rydal Penrhos Prep School head Lucy Davies looks back on another busy few days across all year groups in her weekly blog.

It was a difficult week for the staff but the pupils have been their usual joyful selves!

I spotted Mrs Merrick conducting year one in ‘merrily merrily’ as they ‘rowed’ down the corridor on Thursday afternoon, apparently it was a science lesson on forces!

I went into Pre-School to deliver some inspection papers and was accosted by three pupils each holding diggers or parts of diggers; they were all so proud of what they were making and playing together, they were disappointed that I did not pick up the rules immediately!

And, what a pleasure it was to welcome more than 50 grandparents for a delicious afternoon tea on Tuesday, it was fantastic for the pupils to join them towards the end and take them to their own classroom on a mini-tour.

A special start to Shrove Tuesday for many of our families with Chef Pickle and his team doing some very posh pancakes.

We also had a weekend sports fixture and had a religious studies trip in Year 1 this week, details will be on the website in the coming days.

Mr Roberts, on our front desk, says she feels like she has been sitting in a florist shop at the moment with all the daffodils in honour of St David’s Day. It’s certainly been an exciting week!

Mrs L Davies

Head of Prep