Mrs Roberts’ Pre-School blog: February 7
February 7, 2020

Pre-School head Louise Roberts brings us an account of a very busy few days at the department in her weekly blog, which saw the youngest members of the Rydal Penrhos community continue their space topic.

Journey into Space

This week the children discussed astronauts’ clothes and how they help in space.

They created and wrote a countdown poem giving instructions for the astronauts and they talked about the special food that they eat in space.

The children counted down from a variety of numbers, sorted solid shapes into cones and cylinders and make rockets.

They discussed flags and parachutes and created their own versions.

They used large climbing equipment, pretended to be travelling rockets, made gloopy paintings, and produced stick puppets and paper planes.

We will also spoke about our upcoming space day and what activities and food the children would like.

On top of all those activities, the children had a very informative coastal school session along the Colwyn Bay coastline, in addition to Physical Education and Musical development.

They also had different numeracy and literacy tasks during small group sessions during another very busy week for all our children, who were absolutely fantastic throughout.

Mrs L Roberts

Prep-School department head