Mrs Roberts’ Pre-School blog: January 17
January 17, 2020

Pre-School head Louise Roberts brings us an account of a very busy few days at the department in her weekly blog, which saw the youngest members of the Rydal Penrhos community continue their space topic.

This week learned about the sun and the fact that it is a star and a giant ball of gas.

We also stressed the importance of the sun in terms of providing heat and light that affects our everyday lives significantly.

The children will also discussed sun safety and came up with a collection of words that rhyme with ‘sun’, which proved to be a great deal of fun for all involved.

For problem solving, we compared shadows at different times of the day, made repeating patterns and shadow paintings using 2D plastic shapes, which produced some very creative final pieces.

They grew crew in the light and dark to demonstrate its importance, investigated how to make shadows by blocking light in addition to a thought-provoking discussion on solar power.

Outside, the children played games, worked in pairs to move as a person and their shadow and had their usual Forest and Coastal School sessions.

During creative activities, the children made sun collages and painted sunny day pictures.

The children also enjoyed small group literacy and numeracy sessions throughout the week, participated in gymnastics and had another visit from our Chaplain, the Rev’d Nick Sissons, for a music, stories and singing activity.

Mrs L Roberts

Pre-School department head