Mrs Roberts’ Pre-School blog: March 2
March 2, 2020

Going on Safari

This half term the children the topic is ‘Going on Safari’.

This week our wonderful Pre-School children listened to the story Handa’s Surprise. They were encouraged to discuss the story and explained what they saw in the pictures.

Areas such as the environment and animals featured prominently, before they named and described the fruits in the story.

The children re-enacted the story and experienced how difficult it is to carry a large object on their head.

We talked at length about suitable clothing to wear in certain environments and turned the role play area into a safari hideout.

The children also listened to African music and experienced African dancing for the first time during the half term, which was great fun.

They created drawings of wild animals, made animal masks and experienced slime in the water tray.

Mathematical activities included creating a number line, measuring height and counting.

In Welsh, the children reinforced their knowledge of numbers and they are coming along superbly thanks to their enthusiasm and willingness to learn.

Many other activities during small literacy and numeracy groups also took place,and the children also participated in gymnastics, music and Coastal School.

Mrs L Roberts

Pre-School department head