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Executive Principal

Mr John Waszek


Rev’d Nick Sissons


Senior School Head

Mrs Sally Harding

Deputy Heads

Mrs Alison Hind (Pupils)

Mr Phil Sutton (Staff)

Head of Key Stages

Ms Sarah Bollan (Key Stage 3)

Mr Paul Sanders (Key Stage 4)

Mr Alun Brown (Key Stage 5)

Language, Literacy & Communications Faculty

Miss Fiona Earle (Head of Faculty – English)

  • Mr Alun Brown (English)
  • Mr Chris Davies (English)
  • Mrs Alison Hind (English)
  • Mrs Rachel Jones (English)
  • Mrs Susan Livingstone (French and Spanish)
  • Dr Daniela Molinari (Spanish)
  • Mr Guy Northern (English, French and German)

Expressive Arts Faculty

  • Miss Fiona Earle (Drama)
  • Mr Mark Harmsworth (DT)
  • Mrs Rachel Jones (Head of Drama)
  • Mr Alan McGuinness (Music)
  • Mrs Suzy Morris (Art)
  • Mr Mark Sherrington (Head of Art)
  • Mr Phil Sutton (Head of DT)
  • Mr Peter Williams (Director of Music)

Health & Wellbeing Faculty

Mr Alun Brown (Head of Faculty – Outdoor Education/English)

  • Mr Mark Harmsworth (Food Studies)
  • Mrs Nicky Head (PE)
  • Mr Sean Kitchen (PE)
  • Dr Jim Lewis (Outdoor Ed)
  • Mrs Mary Richardson (PSHE)
  • Mrs Alison Hind (PSHE)

Humanities Faculty

Mrs Fleur Coates (Head of Faculty – Geography)

  • Ms Sarah Bollan (Business & Economics)
  • Mrs Maria Freeman (History)
  • Mrs Sally Harding (Geography)
  • Mrs Alison Hind (Geography & History)
  • Dr Jim Lewis (Geography)
  • Mrs Mary Richardson (RS)
  • Mr Paul Sanders (Business & Economics)
  • Rev’d Nick Sissons (RS)
  • Ms Joanne Wilkins (Psychology)

Maths & Computer Science Faculty

Mrs Rhian Williams (Head of Faculty – Senior Teacher – Maths)

  • Dr Luke Adamson (Maths and Computer Science)
  • Mr Darren Baker (Maths)
  • Dr Jim Lewis (Maths)
  • Mr Andrew Thomas (Maths – Senior Teacher)

Science Faculty

Mr Dave Robson (Head of Faculty – Senior Teacher)

  • Ms Anne Margerison
  • Mr Michael Pender
  • Mr Ian Richardson

Learning Support

Mrs Sarah Seenan (Head of Learning Support)

  • Mrs Gaynor Davies
  • Mrs Tara James



Prep School Head

Mrs Lucy Davies

Prep School Middle Leaders

Mrs Catherine Culver (Middle Leader – Curriculum)

Mrs Katie Oliver (Middle Leader – Assessment and Progress)

Teaching Staff

  • Mrs Clare Chamberlain
  • Mrs Catherine Culver (Middle Leader – Curriculum)
  • Mrs Louise Devilleforte
  • Mrs Sue Hughes (Music & Welsh)
  • Mr Alan McGuinness (Music)
  • Mr Jamie McLeod
  • Mrs Nicola Merrick
  • Dr Daniela Molinari (Spanish)
  • Mrs Suzy Morris (Art)
  • Mrs Katie Oliver (Middle Leader – Assessment and Progress)
  • Mrs Jude Pyves
  • Rev’d Nick Sissons (Chaplain and RS)
  • Mrs Julie Woodthorpe



  • Mrs Christine Bramhall (PA to Executive Principal)
  • Mrs Sian Durrans (Academic Administrator)
  • Miss Sarah James (Pupil Liaison Officer, Lettings)
  • Mrs Dawn Jones (Enterprises and Administration)
  • Mrs Zoe Roberts (Prep Receptionist)
  • Mrs Hannah Skinner (Receptionist)
  • Mrs Susan Williams (Prep Secretary)


  • Mrs Sam Calderbank (HR Advisor)
  • Mrs Kayleigh Walters (HR Manager)


  • Mr Gareth Robinson (IT Services Manager)
  • Mr Alex Pridding (IT Apprentice)
  • Miss Claire Biglands (IT Apprentice)


  • Ms Helen Filbee (Head of Finance)
  • Mrs Melaney Davies (Assistant Head of Finance)
  • Mrs Wendy Davies (Assistant Head of Finance)

Marketing & Communications

  • Mrs Sarah del Prete (Administration Assistant)
  • Mr Dean Jones (Communications Manager)
  • Mrs Debbie McCluskey (Marketing & Admissions Co-ordinator)

Educational Support

  • Mrs Petrina Blomeley (Sailing Administrator)
  • Mr James Bonser (DT Technician)
  • Mrs Tracey Boothby (School Counsellor)
  • Mrs Satnam Kaur Chahal (Prep After School Club Assistant)
  • Mrs Carol Davies (Science Technician)
  • Mrs Amanda Dracup (Food Technician)
  • Mr Andrew Edgley (Swimming Coach)
  • Mr Mike Farnell (Cover Manager/UCAS and Careers)
  • Mr Ben Granger (Prep Teaching Assistant)
  • Mr Colin Grindley (Cricket Coach)
  • Mrs Rebecca Hindley (Prep Teaching Assistant – Apprentice)
  • Mrs Danielle Jackson (Dance Coach)
  • Miss Ruby James (Prep Play Scheme Assistant)
  • Mrs Tara James (Science Technician)
  • Miss Ffion Jones (Prep Teaching Assistant – Apprentice)
  • Mr Guy Northern (Exams Officer)
  • Mr Rob O’Donnell (Rugby and Conditioning Coach)
  • Mrs Dawn Roberts (Prep Teaching Assistant)
  • Mrs Holly Roberts (Prep Teaching Assistant)
  • Mrs Louise Roberts (Prep Teaching Assistant)
  • Mrs Nicola Shilton (Prep Teaching Assistant)
  • Miss Lilly Street (Prep Holiday Play Scheme)
  • Miss Eva Sutton (Prep Holiday Play Scheme)
  • Mrs Nicky Taylor (Prep Teaching Assistant)
  • Mrs Clare Tebbitts (Prep Teaching Assistant)
  • Mrs Caroline Williams (Prep Teaching Assistant)
  • Miss Olivia Yorke (Prep Teaching Assistant – Apprentice)


Mr Richard Smith (Estates Manager)

Grounds & Maintenance

  • Mr David Collins (Security Guard)
  • Mr Paul McGuigan (Estates Foreperson)
  • Mr Nicholas Oliver (Groundsperson)
  • Mr Philip Pritchard (Maintenance)
  • Mr Alan Roberts (Groundsperson)
  • Mr Howard Street (Groundsperson)


  • Mrs Nina Armstrong (Cleaner – Prep)
  • Mrs Joanne Cashmore (Cleaner)
  • Mrs Nia Davies (Cleaner)
  • Mrs Kathy Flynn (Cleaner)
  • Mrs Alison Gibbs (Cleaner)
  • Mrs Vivienne Hankey (Cleaner – Prep & Senior)
  • Mrs Marie Harland (Cleaner)
  • Mr Jeffery Harris (Cleaner)
  • Mrs Gemma Harrison (Cleaner – Prep)
  • Mrs Menna Hitchings (Cleaner)
  • Mrs Carol Hughes (Cleaner)
  • Mrs Lorraine Jones (Cleaner)
  • Mrs Regina Kasparaviciene (Cleaner – Prep & Senior)
  • Mrs Julie Lamacraft (Cleaner)
  • Mrs Michelle Matthews (Cleaner)
  • Mrs Beverley Northall (Cleaner)
  • Mrs Donna Poppleton (Cleaner)
  • Mrs Leanne Roberts (Cleaner)
  • Mrs Tracy Saunderson (Cleaner)
  • Karen Starr (Cleaner)
  • Mrs Cherryl Thomas (Cleaner)
  • Mrs Denise Thomas (Cleaner)


Mr Phil Hilton (Transport Manager, Combined Cadet Force Senior Staff Instructor and Advanced Swimming Instructor)

  • Mr Paul Beynon (Driver)
  • Mr Paul Marl (Driver)
  • Mr Richard Novak (Driver)
  • Mrs Christine Williams (Driver)

Designated Safeguarding Leads

Mrs Lucy Davies (Head of Prep)

Mrs Alison Hind (Deputy Head Senior – Pupils)

Mr Paul Sanders (Head of Key Stage 4)