We want our pupils to be confident, kind, resilient and curious; we want them to be happy learners who know how to learn and want to learn new things every day.

Each week a select number of Prep pupils are recognised for their efforts and achievements throughout the week.

While the feats these pupils achieve are unique to them and may relate to any part of their academic, pastoral or sporting pursuits, what unites our ‘Stars’ is a positive attitude towards school life and a dedication to good citizenship.

17 March 2023

Stars of the Week
Reception: Celyn
Year 1: Kit and Charlotte
Year 2: Bobby
Year 3: Tommy
Year 4: Lenny
Year 5: Seb and Anna
Year 6: Ela L-B and Lissie

Performers of the Week
Camila (Year 4)
Jacob (Year 3)
Joshua (Year 2)

Artist of the Week
Isaac (Year 6)

Poet of the Week
(Published in Young Writers book)
Sienna (Year 4)

3 March 2023

Stars of the Week
Reception: Lizzy
Year 1: Emrys
Year 2: Tiffany
Year 3: Tommy
Year 4: Beatrice
Year 5: Hannah
Year 6: Odin

Artist of the Week
Theo (Year 5)

Performers of the Week
Carys (Year 4)
Sienna (Year 4)

10 February 2023

Stars of the Week
Reception: Bess
Year 1: Lola
Year 2: Albert
Year 3: Casey
Year 4: Carys
Year 5: Toby
Year 6: Alexandra

Artist of the Week
Lizzy (Reception)

Performer of the Week
Isabella (Year 1)