Welcome to Rydal Penrhos Pre-School. We are delighted you are thinking of joining us, or indeed have already become part of the Rydal Penrhos Family.

Pre-School forms the bridge between home and school and is a young child’s first experience of an educational environment. It is therefore an important stepping stone in a child’s life.

Pre-School Aims

The aim of our Pre-School Department (for 2 to 4 year olds) is to provide a stimulating environment in which every child can thrive and develop at their own pace; socially, physically, emotionally and academically.

Our Pre-School pupils are also being softly prepared for the more structured environment of our Reception class which is where they move into at the age of 4.

We believe in encouraging our children to be self-motivated and independent, yet aware of their peers.

Pre-School Activities

At Rydal Penrhos our Pre-School activities are guided by ‘The Early Years Foundation Phase Framework’ which leads to nationally approved outcomes and links closely with that of the Reception class to ensure progression and continuity for the children.

The ‘Foundation Phase’ has, at its core, practical-based activities collectively designed to foster self-esteem, a positive attitude, creative, expressive and observational skills and physical well-being. Outdoor activities too are vital to this process.

Pre-School Experiences

The experiences provided for all children in Pre-School are based on seven ‘Foundation Phase’ outcomes which include: –

  • Knowledge and Understanding of the World.
  • Personal and Social Development, Well-being and Cultural Diversity.
  • Language, Literacy and Communication skills.
  • Welsh Development.
  • Physical Development–gross motor and fine motor.
  • Mathematics Development.
  • Creative Development.
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