Here in Rydal Penrhos we believe that communication is one of our most important jobs, especially when it comes to very young children. As such we have lots of systems in place to ensure we keep talking to you in an informative, helpful and timely way.

Key Worker

Key Workers and developing gifted children – The ‘key worker’ we mentioned earlier who is allocated to each child to help with their personal and social activities, observe and record the child’s development and give them the security and support to help them settle into their new environment.

They also pick up on individual talents and can initiate 1:1 intervention being put in place to extend progression of the child.

They are available for parent discussions online, via email or in person.


Assessment is ongoing and includes: –

  • Daily updates to parents using the system ‘Evidence Me.’
  • Termly tracking of a child’s progress reported formally to parents.
  • Two parents’ meetings annually.
  • Two written reports a year.
  • A printed learning journey, annually.

Parent Class Representatives

There are nominated parent class representatives for Pre-School who meet with other class reps from the wider Prep School and the Head half termly to feedback and initiate changes.