School Uniform

Prep School pupils are expected to arrive at school each day smartly dressed in the correct, regulation school uniform and accessories.

School uniform must be purchased from www.monkhouse.com except where stated (*)

School Bags

Each child requires a Rydal Penrhos Prep School book bag.

Only regulation school PE and swimming kit bags should be used.

Summer/Winter Uniform

At the start of the academic year, pupils may return to school wearing summer uniform or winter uniform.

We expect all pupils to be wearing winter uniform for official photographs, which often take place before the autumn half term break.

Summer uniform may be worn upon return to school after the Easter holiday. If the weather is cold, parents are asked to exercise their own discretion but pupils are expected to be wearing summer uniform in time for the class photographs.


Hair should retain its natural colour. Where hair is longer than collar length, it must be tied back with dark blue or yellow/gold coloured hair bobbles and clips.

Fringes should be kept short to ensure that vision is not affected. Hair should be clean, neat and tidy in appearance with no extreme styles, in keeping with wearing school uniform.


Pupils may wear simple gold or silver stud earrings, one in each ear. No other jewellery items are allowed in school for safety reasons.

Additional Notes

Please note that every single item must be named clearly – including shoes, socks, underwear, swimming kit and towels. Boot bags, PE and swimming bags should be clearly labelled on the outside to avoid confusion.

Please ensure that coats, blazers and jumpers/sweatshirts have sturdy loops in order that these articles of clothing can be hung up on the hooks provided outside classrooms and in cloakrooms.

If needed, children should bring their own supply of tissues into school daily.

Prep Uniform List

Please note that your child can either wear a white shirt and tie with trousers/shorts (and grey socks) or a white shirt and tie with a pinafore (and grey or dark blue tights). In summer they can also chose to wear the summer dress with white socks.