Rev’d Sissons and Mr Pender lead happiness course featured on BBC News
January 29, 2020

Two staff members at Rydal Penrhos were part of a national awareness course that featured on national television recently.

Reverend Nick Sissons, chaplain at the school, and Chemistry teacher Mike Pender organised and led a short eight week course entitled ‘The Things That Matter’.

The course was written by the charity Action for Happiness and aims at bringing community people together to explore what the research and evidence says about what makes us happy and to think together about how we can lead a more contented life and help others do the same.

Thirteen people met regularly with Mr Pender and Mr Sissons to think through these issues, and the BBC has been reporting on the outcomes of the many similar groups that have met from across the country.

You can watch the news item here:

Mr Sissons is thinking about leading another course based on the same material after Easter.

He would be “very interested” to know if there were any people within the school community who would be interested in attending such a course.

Anyone requiring further information or to register your interest, contact Rev’d Sissons at NCSissons@rydalpenrhos.com.