Mrs Davies’ daily blog: May 12
May 13, 2020

Rydal Penrhos Daily Notes – May 12

Day 37 – 16 pupils, 8 staff

This week it seems apt that Mrs Woodthorpe is drawing our attention in school to our various gardening projects.

As gardening centres re-open in the ‘real’ world we have actually been continuing with our work in the garden every week since the lockdown began at Rydal Penrhos.

We have a well-established garden in which all classes can grow flowers and vegetables and all is overseen by green-fingered (and very patient)  Year 3 teacher Mrs Woodthorpe.

This week she has sold £65 worth of tomato plants and delphiniums to the staff and many more to come…all sale monies are going to NHS charities.

The pupils this week have learnt how to plant potatoes although there were a few wrinkled noses when they saw the seed potatoes!

Me: what have you all been doing?

Pupil 1: planting stuff

Me: do you know what you have been planting?

Pupil 1: well it looked a bit like a potato but it was an alien one

Pupil 2: it wasn’t an alien silly, it was a grandad potato

Me: what will grow from these alien, grandad potatoes?

Pupil 1: I don’t know but I’m not eating it!

Another blow for our five a day target!!

Mrs L Davies

Head of Prep