Academic side of Art continues to thrive
May 6, 2021

Artists are taking their theory knowledge and putting it to good use at Rydal Penrhos.

One of the real success stories at Rydal Penrhos over the years has been the incredible transformation within the school’s Art department. Subject leader Mark Sherrington, who is also a former pupil, has devoted himself to improving the artistic skills of pupils across all age groups, something which has come with some notable achievements from an academic perspective.

Art pupils at GCSE and A Level are now regularly attaining some of Rydal Penrhos’ most impressive examination results. This is further proof of the exceptional teaching they receive throughout their modules and the expert support and guidance each pupil benefits from during the coursework process.

Not only does this stand each pupil in enormously good stead at a critical stage of their learning, but it also inspires many to go on and pursue Art at higher education establishments across the country and the working world once their time at Rydal Penrhos comes to an end.

Some of the work produced by artists has been nothing short of amazing and plenty of fine examples can be found throughout the school corridors. However, this quality work does not transpire without first studying art in all its intricacies and delving deeper into each specific art form and specific techniques.

The highly knowledgeable Mr Sherrington has been a tremendous asset to the school, both as a pupil and a teacher. His unrivalled passion and determination to help every pupil reach their goals have been prevalent since he took up the post and were especially evident during the last 12 months throughout the educational lockdowns.

There is always a hive of activity within the art department at this time of year. The studio is full of pupils putting the finishing touches to their respective pieces with a view to carrying on the school’s rich history of exam success from the department.

Just one example of this is shown in the gallery below from Isabella Toms-Arbel, who joined Rydal Penrhos at the start of her Sixth Form journey last year and wasted no time in demonstrating her outstanding artistic talent that is being nurtured superbly by teaching staff.

Mr Sherrington, said; “One of the things that are great about working with GCSE and A Level pupils in Art is the continual dialogue that forms as you get to know the pupil’s concerns.

“Isabella has thrown herself into looking at reflection and studied and written extensively about Escher and his work. During the lockdown period, Isabella became obsessed with Trompe L’oeil and it was terrific to be able to make suggestions about technique and talk about the historical context surrounding that form of painting.

“Since returning to the studio she has just finished a large painting and is now working with clay to produce a series of large three-dimensional eyes.

“It’s incredibly stimulating and rewarding here because we many have pupils like Isabella who are constantly bringing new work in, following where their ideas or concerns take them and are brave enough to explore a range of materials or ways of working.”

This is the latest fine demonstration of inspiring teachers bringing the best out in pupils. The academic side of art is as important as the work itself and the proof of this is there for all to see here at Rydal Penrhos.


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