Alumni: Dr Alex Farnell Addresses Rydal Penrhos GCSE Pupils
October 4, 2023

Rydal Penrhos was recently privileged to welcome back alumnus Dr Alex Farnell, who spoke to pupils about his Economics research on discrimination in sports markets.

With thousands of active alumni in regular contact with the school, Rydal Penrhos aims to make the most of the impressive wealth and depth of expertise and experience among our community of former pupils. In the spring, for example, several alumni joined the school’s inaugural Industry and Enterprise Day, sharing their experiences in fields as diverse as aviation and performing arts.

Last Friday, Rydal Penrhos had the privilege of welcoming back Class of 2014 member Dr Alex Farnell, who shared his insightful knowledge and passion for economics. Dr Farnell, the son of long-serving Rydal Penrhos teacher and current Rydal Penrhos Society Vice President Mr Farnell, has carved out a distinguished career as an Economics lecturer at Maynooth University, specializing in labour markets in sports.

In 2022, Dr Farnell’s study surrounding he NFL’s diversity hiring process was featured in an LA Times opinion piece. The paper was also a prominent part of a Fifty Four Degrees magazine feature published by the Lancaster Management School, which examined the problem with racial equality in the NFL and specifically the difficulty black coaches are having getting opportunities for prominent roles due to the influence of white owners who run the league.

Exploring these themes further, Dr Farnell’s talk to GCSE pupils was a captivating journey into the world of sports economics. Dr Farnell delved deep into the intricacies of discrimination within sports markets, shedding light on how we can discern its existence and identify the markets where it prevails.

One of the highlights of the talk was Dr Farnell’s exploration of the impact of discrimination on both team success and individual athletes. His research elucidated the far-reaching consequences of discrimination within the sports industry, providing a stark reminder of the challenges that still persist.

We would like to thank Dr Farnell for taking the time to return to the school and speak to our pupils.  We look forward to our current pupils going on to achieve equally brilliant accomplishments and inspiring the next generation.