All things Welsh at the fore as Rydal Penrhos celebrates St David’s Day with week of activities
March 3, 2023

National spirit was in the air at Rydal Penrhos this week as St David’s Day celebrations inspired Prep pupils to dress up and take part in a range of exciting activities both in and outside school.

Although Rydal Penrhos teaches its curriculum through the medium of English, the school is proud of the central role Welsh language, culture and identity plays in the day-to-day life of its pupils. This encompasses so much more than just the timetabled Welsh lessons that pupils enjoy from Reception to Year 9; the prevalence of Welsh culture at Rydal Penrhos derives from an ethos that runs much deeper.

This is something that can be felt all across the school. From the singing of classic Welsh hymns like ‘Calon Lan’ in morning chapel, which reliably puts a spring in a pupils’ steps before they embark on their day, to the use of local Welsh produce as part of delicious school meals every day; the influence of our land and its history finds its way into the everyday life of all pupils.

Welsh culture at Rydal Penrhos has been in the foreground this week as pupils across the school celebrated Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Sant, or St David’s Day, the feast day for Wales’ patron saint. In the Prep, pupils have participated in an entire ‘Welsh Week’ which has seen pupils engage in a variety of activities in their lessons and extracurricular sessions.

From dawnsio gwerin, or Welsh folk dancing, to making leek soup and Welsh cakes, there were a wide array of activities set up to allow pupils to get fully immersed in Welsh culture and learn more about our national history.

Year 5 and 6 even took part in a grand parade led by marching band, starting at Queen’s Gardens and ending at St Paul’s Church in Colwyn Bay, There they took part in a service featuring several local primary schools – some of whom returned to our Dining Hall for some well-earned Welsh-themed refreshments afterwards!

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