Coding skills boosted at Prep iPad Club
February 21, 2022

Rydal Penrhos Prep pupils have been boosting their coding skills at the school’s iPad Club, which is part of a strong extra-curricular provision.

One of the most successful initiatives implemented by Rydal Penrhos in recent years is providing free iPads for pupils to assist with their development in school and at home. This is something that was a significant asset throughout the COVID-19 lockdowns and continues to be highly influential now things have returned to relative normalcy.

The school recognises the importance of reading and writing despite the ever-increasing digital age and the impact it’s having on modern society. Balancing the traditional with the progressive is all part of the comprehensive education Rydal Penrhos pupils receive and is sure to serve them well when they embark on university or the working world when the time comes.

Prep pupils have been benefitting enormously from iPad learning as part of their structured lessons and within the rich and varied extra-curricular provision provided.

The Prep iPad Club is available for pupils in Years 3-6 and has proven to be extremely popular since its inception. Those attending the activity take part in many exciting tasks designed to boost technical skills and expand digital knowledge through fun-filled individual and group challenges.

Another fine example of this came shortly before the half-term break, with pupils getting the opportunity to utilise an online coding programme centred on Lego models.

Using the Lego WeDo app via Bluetooth connection, pupils got to grips with the intricacies of coding under the expert supervision of staff to bring their very own Lego models to life.

This was another worthwhile exercise for the group, who applied their customary teamwork and determination to excel during the project.

A huge well done to all pupils involved and to the Rydal Penrhos staff who guided them every step of the way.


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