Food Studies & DT combine for innovative project
December 9, 2021

Rydal Penrhos pupils got the chance to combine Food Studies and Design Technology for an innovative project that brought outstanding results.

Our teaching staff at Rydal Penrhos are always coming up with new ways to inspire pupils, help them build additional knowledge and enhance key skills that stand them in good stead throughout their education. This is something that’s prevalent on a daily basis during both academic and practical tasks as part of the school’s thriving curriculum and extra-curricular activities.

This is proven to boost the overall development of each pupil learning at the school under the supervision of staff. And in this latest example, two subjects combined for a special project that brought some truly exceptional results that were delicious and intricate in equal measure.

Mr Mark Harmsworth works within Rydal Penrhos’ Food Studies and Design Technology departments. His vision and creativity are a massive asset to the school and this particular project – with a local theme – brought the very best out of the pupils under his tutelage.

First, pupils were tasked with creating a map of Wales using wood within the outstanding Design Technology department. This was accomplished by creating a template and then producing the map on the school’s new CNC Router.

A CNC Router is a Computer Numerical Controlled machine that performs cutting and shaping operations by controlling a high-speed rotating cutter with computer programming.

Routers can cut a wide range of materials, including plastics, woods, carbon fibre, and light metals such as aluminium, among others.

The next stage of the project transpired within the Food Studies room, with pupils putting their culinary skills to the test by making rum and raisin cranberry fudge, which was then placed on the Welsh map for presentation purposes.

Not only did it look fabulous, but the fudge also passed the taste test with flying colours!

Just another prime example of the wonderful things happening at Rydal Penrhos and something our teaching staff are constantly striving to achieve. Well done to Mr Harmsworth and all the pupils involved.


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