Rydal Penrhos Community Concert Showcases Local Talent and Celebrates the Power of Music
March 15, 2023

Rydal Penrhos School’s commitment to music was once again on full display during the Community Concert held on Wednesday 8 March 2023. The event was a stunning showcase of the school’s musical talent and its close relationship with the local community.

Rydal Penrhos is delighted to see the continued fruits of its ongoing commitment to music. An integral part of the school’s curriculum, music plays a vital role in pupils’ overall development. Beyond this, however, music has become an important point of connection with our community, as has been demonstrated since the pandemic by the flourishing of the Community Wind Band and Community Choir.

Led by their talented Conductors and Musical Directors, Mr Alan McGuiness and Mr Clive Wolfendale, the two musical groups took to the stage to perform as part of Rydal Penrhos’ Community Concert. The event was a highlight of the school’s music calendar, and it attracted a strong turnout of parents, pupils, alumni, and guests from the local community.

Mrs. Lucy Davies, Deputy Principal of Rydal Penrhos, welcomed the audience to what proved to be a two-hour musical extravaganza that began with rousing performances of the National Anthems of the UK and Wales. The Community Wind Band began the evening, and their performances featured an eclectic mix of pieces ranging from traditional folk tunes to contemporary pop songs.

‘Shepherd’s Song’, a delightful and lively tune, showcased the band’s technical ability and their talent for creating a rich, textured sound. The Lustspiel overture, which featured a series of intricate and engaging melodies, was not to be missed. The Wind Band’s beautiful rendition of ‘Black is the Colour of My True Love’s Hair’ was another standout performance.

The highlight of the Wind Band’s performances was undoubtedly their medley of songs from Phantom of the Opera, which included many classics from the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical. The band’s ability to capture the drama and intensity of the show’s most iconic songs was impressive.

The choir’s performances were equally impressive, featuring a diverse range of music styles and genres. They began with ‘Joyful Eastertide’, a jubilant and upbeat piece that showcased the choir’s harmonies and vocal range. ‘Londonderry Air’, a traditional Irish folk song, was another highlight, featuring a beautiful arrangement and a haunting melody.

The choir’s performance of ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ from Les Misérables was particularly moving, with the talented voices of the group producing a powerful and emotional rendition of the classic song. The similarly well-known tune of ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ was rendered with a full and rich sound.

The concert concluded with a joint performance of ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’, which brought together the Choir and Wind Band in a rousing and energetic finale. The performance was a testament to the talent and dedication of Rydal Penrhos School’s community of musicians.

The Community Concert was an excellent example of how music is an integral part of the Rydal Penrhos curriculum. The school’s music program is designed to foster creativity and self-expression while helping pupils develop skills such as collaboration and team-spirit.

This was epitomised by the admirable contribution of Year 13 pupil Ethan Bytheway, who put his trumpeting skills to fantastic use for the Wind Band. Rydal Penrhos School continues to be a leader in music education, and events like the Community Concert help highlight the importance of music in the lives of pupils and the broader community.

Rydal Penrhos looks forward to hosting more such events in the future, and we encourage everyone to attend the upcoming Senior Concert on Wednesday 22 March and Prep Concert on Wednesday 29 March, which promise to be equally impressive showcases of the school’s musical talent.