DofE: Pupils accumulate hundreds of volunteering hours
June 10, 2022

Duke of Edinburgh Award candidates at Rydal Penrhos have accumulated more than 900 volunteering hours over a 12-month period.

Rydal Penrhos has been a Directly Licensed Centre for the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme for some time now and offers all three levels of the prestigious distinction. This is something many pupils take advantage of during their time at the school and the initiative is proven to enhance their overall development considerably.

It certainly is a real adventure from beginning to end, helping young people to develop their independence and leadership qualities. Staff at the school, led by Dr Jim Lewis, are extremely dedicated to helping the personal development of our pupils as part of what is now widely recognised as the world’s leading youth achievement award.

Among the many areas where pupils challenge themselves is through volunteering. This forms a key component from Bronze all the way to Gold, which results in a trip to a royal venue to collect the honour alongside other successful candidates from across the country.

This gives pupils a sense of belonging within the community and satisfaction in knowing they have done their part in a multitude of different areas and projects throughout the region.

The DofE recently tallied up the volunteering hours accumulated by Rydal Penrhos pupils from April 2021 to March 2022. And the results were nothing short of extraordinary.

Candidates from the school dedicated 910 hours to volunteering during this time frame, which comes with a social value of £4,204 according to the statistics presented.

A DofE representative sent a message of congratulations to the school, which said: “This is an incredible achievement and we hope you’re as proud of your participants as we are.”

This magnificent accomplishment is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our incredible pupils. Something that is prevalent every day across all areas at Rydal Penrhos.

We would like to congratulate every DofE candidate on their remarkable efforts to date and to our outstanding staff team for guiding them every step of the way.


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