Drama: Subject Continues to Thrive at Rydal Penrhos
February 16, 2024

Over the first half of the Lent Term, Rydal Penrhos Drama saw many captivating performances and theatre trips married with a keen focus on exam preparation.

Since the early days of Penrhos College and Rydal Mount, our pupils have consistently impressed audiences with their theatrical talents, bringing a diverse array of dramatic productions to life. Today, our school continues to uphold this tradition with a thriving Drama curriculum and extracurricular activities, as evidenced by recent events.

During the initial weeks of the term, the Drama department focused on GCE performances. A-Level candidates presented compelling pieces under the scrutiny of a visiting examiner, ranging from a thought-provoking devised piece on women’s rights to an engaging extract from ‘The Fall’.

Meanwhile, our AS candidates dazzled their peers with adaptations from works such as ‘The Birthday Party’, ‘The Doll’s House’, and ‘Two’. Each was followed by thorough analysis and evaluation; work that will go towards their final results.

In addition to classroom learning, our GCSE candidates enjoyed a memorable trip to Northenden to see a production of ‘Blue Stockings’, their final examination text. This show not only refreshed their understanding of the storyline but also showcased exemplary costume design and innovative set arrangements, setting a high standard for our aspiring dramatists to follow.

Looking forward to the next half-term, Rydal Penrhos is excited to present a line-up of captivating events and opportunities.

Theatre Thursday trips will offer thrilling experiences, including an improvised whodunnit, ‘Locomotive for Murder’, and ‘The Wizard of Oz’, featuring Rydal Penrhos alumnus The Vivienne as the Wicked Witch of the West.

GCSE candidates will delve into ‘The Haunting of Blaine Manor’ in preparation for their final exams. Additionally, pupils are encouraged to attend National Theatre Live presentations at local cinemas, starting with ‘Vanya’ on February 23rd.

During the first week back, Year 9 pupils will participate in a combat workshop to refine their communication, coordination, and control skills, while Senior pupils interested in design have the opportunity to attend a Technical Theatre workshop at Theatr Clwyd, broadening their theatrical repertoire.

Approaching the end of term, GCSE Drama exam performances will be held on March 18th in front of a visiting examiner, followed by the beloved Inter-House Drama Competition the next day, promising a showcase of excellent performances from our Senior pupils.

It is an exciting time for Rydal Penrhos Drama, and we eagerly anticipate sharing further updates with parents and carers as the term continues and our pupils’ creativity continues to captivate and inspire.