Fayeth striving for Welsh Youth Parliament seat
November 10, 2021

Rydal Penrhos pupil Fayeth Jones is looking for votes to secure a position within the Welsh Youth Parliament.

Taking an interest in life outside Rydal Penrhos is something our pupils are passionate about. It forms a key part of their overall development and the skills and experiences they develop stand them in good stead within the classroom and during the wide range of extra-curricular activities available.

Fayeth Jones, who is a Year 11 pupil at Rydal Penrhos, has put her name forward as a candidate in the current Welsh Youth Parliament elections, where she will represent Clwyd West if successful.

This is the latest achievement in Fayeth’s sights, with the pupil recently chosen as one of two Welsh ambassadors for the Right to Food Federation. Voting is now officially open and will close on Monday 22 November.

Fayeth advocates for the rights of young people and children across the country to have access to affordable healthy food. Her efforts at this summer’s Valley Fest Festival were recognised with a prestigious award.

The pupil was presented with the Guild of Food Writers distinction, which was down to her investigative food work that is produced as part of her ongoing podcasts. Fayeth managed to beat out names such as The Guardian to the award, which is a testament to her tireless commitment within a field she is extremely passionate about.

As part of her campaign, Fayeth’s three key issues are children’s food insecurity, young carers rights and the mental health provision for young people across the country.

Her candidate statement, read: “As an ambassador for young carers and one of the two Welsh ambassadors for the food foundation I am passionate about stopping food insecurity and rights of young carers across Wales.

“I am also passionate about accessing mental health provision and finding suitable support for children and young people in my local area. I want to help stop food insecurity in Wales, I want to make sure all young people have access to affordable healthy foods and help them gain the knowledge of cooking preparing healthy food.

“I want to help access support for young carers,  we have recently launched an ID card. I want to access safe support for all mental health issues. Get things in place to support young people before problems arise.

“I believe all children in Wales should have access to healthy food, support with any care needs and appropriate support when things get difficult. I’d also like to see youth groups reopen so young people have a safe place and adults they trust to support them.”

Anyone wishing to vote for Fayeth can do so at this link. Everyone at Rydal Penrhos wishes her the very best of luck.


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