Frontline experience benefits History pupils
December 19, 2022

Rydal Penrhos pupils with a keen eye for History were treated to a special visit from Frontline, who bring curriculum topics to life.

Giving pupils everything they need to thrive within a classroom environment remains a core component behind a well-rounded education at Rydal Penrhos. This is done not only through the school’s exceptional teaching staff, but we also enlist the help of major groups and companies to bring topics to life.

The school was delighted to welcome Frontline Living History for a special session recently – a company that specialises in giving talks to GCSE pupils who are learning all about the Battlefield of World War I as field study within their Medicine Through Time course.

Dressed in full attire from that specific time period, Frontline Living History covered every base, using pupils for demonstrations and bringing in items that were used during a prominent time in human history.

This aided those in attendance and provided them with additional knowledge about the difficulty of and the techniques adopted for treating injured soldiers effectively in a trench environment. Pupils studied the chain of evacuation, even getting to play the role of stretcher-bearers themselves.

They saw how tricky this was on a flat surface, which gave each pupil a broader perspective regarding the difficulties of doing this on a muddy battlefield. Some of the treatment methods they have studied were shown in practice, such as the Carrel-Dakin Method and the use of the Thomas Splint.

Pupils also had a weapons session in the afternoon where they could hold and see the equipment from the era. It enabled Year 11 to recall learning from last year while also introducing the topic to Year 10 and also provided Year 9 with a glimpse into the topics studied at GCSE.

This was a tremendous experience and we would like to thank Frontline Living History for coming along for a fantastic day.


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