Rydal Penrhos: Year 7 coronavirus art project gallery
May 14, 2020

A group of Rydal Penrhos senior school pupils have been putting their art skills to good use for a special project during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Year 7 contingent were tasked with coming up with their own drawing or painting on the subject of Covid-19 by Rydal Penrhos art teacher Suzy Morris during online learning sessions and in their own time.

Each pupil worked exceptionally hard on their respective projects, which resulted in some eye-catching drawings that featured some extremely creative outlooks on such an unprecedented time.

The drawings highlighted the strain being put on the NHS by the coronavirus, some elements relating to social distancing and even President of the United States Donald Trump’s initial reaction to Covid-19, which he famously compared to a cold during its initial stages.

This is just one of many exciting academic things that Rydal Penrhos pupils have been getting up to during their online learning since the school’s temporary closure seven weeks ago.

Mrs Morris, said: “Everyone worked really hard and came up with some wonderful ideas for their coronavirus drawings or paintings.

“It not only shows their artistic creativity, but also their awareness about what is an unsettling and unprecedented time in their lives.

“I have been thrilled with the commitment shown by Rydal Penrhos pupils during remote learning, and congratulate them all.”