Rydal Penrhos Gallery: Freddie’s lockdown exhibition
July 16, 2020

A talented young artist at Rydal Penrhos used free time during the coronavirus pandemic to produce some outstanding work.

Freddie Griffin, a Year 3 pupil at Rydal Penrhos Prep School, did not let something like the lockdown prevent him from improving all areas of his artistic craft from the comfort of his own home.

In addition to the Art projects devised by teacher Suzy Morris, Freddie spent a lot of his free time creating various drawings and paintings.

This saw the pupil focus his attention on various animals, the picturesque landscape of Llandudno and Barcelona football star Lionel Messi.

In recognition of his exceptional dedication to his craft, Rydal Penrhos decided to make a special online gallery of Freddie’s work for the school and wider community to enjoy.

Mrs Morris, said: “Freddie came up with the designs and artwork himself, which is of incredibly high quality for someone so young.

“This is an amazing achievement and is a testament to Freddie’s artistic talent and his passion regarding the subject.

“Congratulations on some truly amazing work!”

Rydal Penrhos is now able to offer socially distanced tours to prospective pupils and their families. For more information email admissions@rydalpenrhos.com, prep@rydalpenrhos.com or book online at https://rydal.wpengine.com/open-days-visits.