History comes to life for Year 3 pupils
May 27, 2021

Year 3 pupils at Rydal Penrhos saw History come to life during a special activity.

At Rydal Penrhos Prep School, we are ambitious on behalf of every one of our pupils as unique individuals, and we aim to support their development into well-rounded learners who are fully equipped with the resourcefulness to embrace whatever lies ahead in the rapidly changing global marketplace that they will grow into.

This is reflected in the school’s strong curriculum, which has been designed to capture the fun, inquisitiveness and creativity our incredible staff believes is the key component behind not only a strong foundation and an exceptional education, but also successfully aiding early development in and out of the classroom.

Thinking outside the box is something that further enhances the education provided at Rydal Penrhos. Whether this is with on-site visitors, a thorough outdoor education provision, or classroom projects that ignite curiosity, pupils benefit from a variety of different experiences that stand them in enormously good stead as they progress through their school life.

Year 3 were provided with another example of this during a recent lesson, which saw them head to the school playground and participate in an activity that brought their history topic to life.

The pupils have been exploring the Celtic and Roman eras and, under the supervision of staff, got the chance to act out a battle to further enhance the knowledge of an important period in human history.

Two pupils dressed up in full Celtic gear – complete with traditional face paint – to launch an “attack” on the Romans, who were armed with replica shields that looked a lot like what soldiers would have used to defend themselves.

This was not only a lot of fun for the pupils, but it also allowed them to delve a little deeper into their classroom topic and take on board what was discussed before taking this back into the classroom.

Combining the very best primary practice with an extremely varied extra-curricular provision ensures that every child at Rydal Penrhos is challenged and develops the skills necessary for learning.

History certainly took on a new meaning for Year 3 after this incredible experience!



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