iPad initiative continues to benefit
November 2, 2022

Rydal Penrhos’ iPad initiative continues to benefit our pupils, who have embraced this different way of learning since the scheme was implemented.

Technology is becoming more relevant throughout education with every passing year. Children can be incredibly tech-savvy if given a platform from which to thrive and this is recognised fully at Rydal Penrhos.

The school implemented a strategy that gives every pupil from Years 3-13 a free Generation 8 iPad, which continues to enhance learning in and out of the classroom.

Teaching staff at Rydal Penrhos are presently using a combination of iPads and the “old school” pen and paper during their lessons. This gives each pupil the opportunity to use technology in a way that will progress them academically, build key modern-day skills and maintain handwriting techniques that remain essential in an ever-changing world.

The use of writing even comes into effect when pupils use their iPads. The school implements Microsoft Teams and sharing worksheets via Class Notebook, meaning they still have to write, but pupils just use their pen that came with the electronic device.

This means teaching staff can mark their work in real-time on their iPads, where pupils can see comments and tips instantly appearing as their teacher is writing them. In class, pupils can be guided by staff to watch helpful videos, read extra notes, see exemplar work, use educational apps that will really help them reach their goals by attending to their individual needs.

There are a number of exciting educational quiz apps that are used in lessons. The pupils really enjoy using these apps and the teaching staff are able to quickly see the strengths and weaknesses of each pupil.

Pupils can use iMovie to present their understanding of a piece of work, Garage Band is used in music and the excellent interval timer is being used by pupils during Physical Education lessons and at home.

The iPad can also be used as a fantastic mini whiteboard. Teachers can select pupils’ work and share it with the class or the class can collaborate on the same piece of work.

Pupils have immediate access to the many educational websites that many such as MathsWatchVLE, Dr Frost and ActiveLearn. The inclusion of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint means that everyone is able to utilise these resources in every lesson and when working at home.

There is no longer a need to book the Rydal Penrhos IT suite. These are all available for every pupil, every lesson.

All assessments are handwritten as normal, which is fantastic preparation for pupils embarking on GCSE or A Level examinations, where they are expected to hand-write answers to questions in a bid to secure high marks.

These wide range of teaching resources, methodology and the latest pedagogy have been outstanding additions to the school’s provision. The Rydal Penrhos iPads initiative takes advantage of a modern way of learning with pupil progress in mind, which has formed the fabric of our ethos for more than 140 years.


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