Lewis gains Karate Black Belt
June 8, 2021

Another Rydal Penrhos pupil managed to attain a memorable martial arts distinction by securing his Black Belt.

Lewis Jellicoe, who is a Year 6 pupil at Rydal Penrhos, has been on a long and challenging journey that culminated with a coveted Black Belt after coming through his latest grading with flying colours.

Despite the challenges faced by Lewis over the last 15 months due to COVID-19 restrictions, his determination and will to progress in virtual sessions has paid dividends with such a prestigious accolade.

This represents a significant achievement for Lewis and one he can look back on with an enormous sense of pride.

Lewis was kind enough to provide us with a detailed account of his Karate accomplishments, where it all started, and how much the sport has meant to him since taking it up aged four.

My journey through Karate by Lewis Jellicoe

I started Karate when I was four and a half in the British school in Guangzhou. I met Sensei Paul, Sensei Enrique Novoa, Sensei Carlos Chirinos and Sensei Mariana Filiaggi. They are all the world champions.

With their guidance, I achieved my 4th grade. And I achieved 3rd place during a recent competition.

I continued my Karate training in Autumn 2017 after I moved to Colwyn Bay, Wales, with my family.

I am lucky to register at Colwyn Bay dojo, John Lynn’s Black Belt Martial Arts Academy. Sensei Mark, Sensei Fiona, Sensei George and Sensei Olivia have helped me since then.

Now I have secured my black belt.

I am so proud that neither moving from China to the UK nor coronavirus disruption could stop me.

Therefore, Karate, to me, means I can achieve better by not saying the four-letter words “can’t”.

Karate is self-defence. I have learnt a lot of techniques. When somebody is to punch me in the face, I know I can use Age-uke (Rising block) to defend myself.

If somebody attacks me on my chest, I will use Uchi-uke (Inside block) to block it. And Karate is beyond this.

Karate is leadership.

I show and set up modelling for junior players. I would like to thank all my sensei’s for their encouragement, coaching and teaching me to be strong, calm and become a confident person.

I also appreciate my mum and dad accompanying me along this journey. I can achieve it when I do not give up. I am very glad I started my Karate and black belt for me is not the end.


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