Rydal Penrhos: Mrs Davies’ daily blog – June 22
June 23, 2020

Rydal Penrhos Daily Notes – June 22

Day 64 from Rydal Penrhos school’s keyworker childcare provision – 21 pupils, 8 staff

It’s all happening in the ‘bubble’ classrooms and our keyworker pupils have been a little disorientated as they have moved rooms for the first time in 13 weeks.

No more lessons in their bubble rooms and lessons now in the library and dining room.

Each classroom is being turned into a carefully managed socially distanced, easy to clean, bubble base. The pupils were very excited that they have their own desk with a named tray and their own chair.

To me, this seemed no different to what they have just been doing but apparently is “really is”!

For a start the table and chair are now theirs alone, no-one else can sit in it after lunch or even the next day. It seems that territory is an important aid to learning!

There are some children who will not relish the new set up with the room; they are the ones who naturally love team working and sharing equipment; there are others who like to have their own space and want to know which things they can use and where they can go…they want and need very clear boundaries.

For a while at least we are all going to have to adapt to the latter way of working. It will be interesting to see how each child adapts to this, and indeed each teacher.

But today the reaction was unanimously in favour of the single desk set up; “It’s like being told you can have your own bedroom”, said one child, looking very excited.

I do hope they are not disappointed, a desk makes for a pretty small bedroom substitute!

Mrs Lucy Davies

Head of Prep School