Rydal Penrhos: Mrs Davies’ daily blog – June 23
June 24, 2020

Rydal Penrhos Daily Notes – June 23

Day 65 from Rydal Penrhos school’s keyworker childcare provision – 32 pupils, 10 staff

So things changed again for our keyworker provision yesterday and different year groups worked in different areas and found themselves seated cinema style for their remote learning lesson!

The microphone didn’t work and the pupils kept forgetting that the teacher couldn’t hear their answers to questions. Mr McLeod was forced into secretarial mode writing all of their questions and answers in the chat sidebar on Microsoft Teams.

The pupils grew increasingly frustrated as Mrs Woodthorpe made comments about not being able to hear their answers and to take their microphones off mute.

Eventually, she obviously glanced down into the chat bar on her own screen and saw all of their interactions and a wide smile came over her face.

Teachers didn’t think they would ever be relayed onto big screens in people’s homes; there was much concern at first with teachers being self-conscious and worried about what other adults might think of their teaching style.

However, after several months, they are all now professional presenters in front of the camera…roll on the TV offers!!

No, I don’t think we have many worries there, teachers are happy with just their class as an ‘audience’ and their classroom as a ‘studio’…and hopefully, we are starting to return to that situation slowly and step by step.

Mrs Lucy Davies

Head of Rydal Penrhos Prep School