Rydal Penrhos: Mrs Davies’ daily blog – May 13
May 14, 2020

Rydal Penrhos Daily Notes

Day 38 at Rydal Penrhos – 10 pupils, 8 staff

I am continually amazed at how inventive children can be when left to their own devices. This trolley of playground equipment has been taken out by our keyworker pupils every day for the past eight weeks and has become famous in this Rydal Penrhos blog for the amount of attention it has received!

Scooterboards have been used individually, together, as trains, pushed along as pushchairs and hospital beds; the bricks have been houses, stables (horse games continue in popularity), towers, fences, army barracks, shelters, castles and caves; the click-together plastic people have been soldiers, babies, pieces of furniture, friends, treasure, money, towers, flowers and secret weapons; the hoops have been hulahoops, skipping ropes, bridles, prisons, safe places, bubbles and monsters!

The games are always inspired by things the children have read or seen and that’s why visiting places and reading books are so important for learning.

At the moment our ‘visiting places’ is fairly limited and that walk to the end of the drive or round the block has become a little over used…but keep on reading books to your children, it’s fascinating watching them turning the books into reality on the playground the next day!

Vive l’imagination!

Mrs L Davies

Head of Rydal Penrhos Prep