Mrs Davies’ daily blog: May 8
May 11, 2020

Rydal Penrhos Daily Notes 

Day 35 – Pupils 1, staff 1

So today was very different in school, there was just me and one pupil! I decided that this would be a good opportunity to clean the main classroom that we have been using for the past seven weeks of lockdown.

It has been cleaned before but this was to be a ‘chairs up on tables, proper scrubbing and hoovering’ clean! Rather surprisingly my one pupil was not quite as keen as myself to don rubber gloves and get going with ‘operation scrub down’!

At six years old he found playing in the class outdoor area a rather more appealing prospect. I did manage to get him involved in tidying out there however and he did a very good job of finding the missing 26 plastic dinosaurs; after an hour he had extracted a total of 25 from various pieces of play equipment and even a drainpipe!

These dinosaurs were hidden by members of our Pre-School who then denied all knowledge of there ever having been any in the first place! Busted pre-schoolers!!

After lunch, myself and my able companion switched to making hats for the VE day street party being held by each class at 3pm.

Of course, this was an online party. Our pupils wore their school uniform to honour all of those who served in the war 75 years ago.

They also decorated their gardens and bedrooms and made traditional tea party cakes and scones. At 3pm I was ready by the school flagpole, newly sporting the Union Jack, to ‘drop-in’ on all of the online parties.

I managed two in 20 minutes…apologies to the other classes – going around each class and listening to their VE day celebration stories really cannot be rushed!

I have asked pupils to send me their photos for a big display in school, they all looked so brilliant and had worked so hard to remember and honour our veterans.

Well done to all of our families – Rydal Penrhos families always do everything in style!

Mrs L Davies

Head of Prep