My first year at Rydal Penrhos senior: Olivia
June 25, 2020

We caught up with members of Year 7 at Rydal Penrhos to find out what they’ve thought of their time in the senior school so far.

Second up in this new series is Olivia Williams, who is a member of Morgan House at Rydal Penrhos and has made the most out of every opportunity during his first year of senior school life, including on stage with the Speech and Drama provision.

How have you found your first year at Rydal Penrhos senior school?

My first year was good I liked that we got a time table that showed us where everything was. The teachers were nice and helped me get used to the school. I had no friends when I came to Rydal Penrhos but I’ve made friends really quickly.

What are the main differences between primary/prep and senior?

The main difference was homework in my old school we got one homework a week now we get maybe 8 or 9.

How much support did you receive from the staff?

The teachers have been really supportive and learning support has helped me so much because in my old school you couldn’t have one to one because there were 30 people and one teacher.

Have older members of the school community been helpful?

The older kids have helped me and been really nice at lunchtimes.

Favourite lessons?

My favourite lessons are PE because I love sports and running. I also like Food Studies and Art. I like English but I think I would like it more if I was a bit better at it.

Favourite memory?

My favourite memory was probably going to the pantomime to see the Murder mystery and Queen.

How have you found the online learning experience?

Online learning is going well I think it’s better having it than not so we can ask for help and do it with our teachers and I think it was a good idea.