Positive pupil reaction to online learning provision
March 9, 2021

Rydal Penrhos pupils delivered a positive response to their latest period of online learning.

Adaptation has been a key component throughout Rydal Penrhos over the last year. The lingering worries surrounding COVID-19 have forced staff and pupils out of their usual comfort zone thanks to the educational lockdowns, which has seen most of the school community embark on a thorough online learning provision that has ensured minimal loss to development despite the difficulties in the current climate.

With coronavirus cases continuing to fall and vaccine rollouts increasing across the country, there is now a clear plan in place to get more Prep and Senior pupils back on-site in the coming weeks. The school’s estates’ team have gone above and beyond the call of duty to provide a safe environment, with every possible precaution being taken to keep children happy and thriving when they return to Rydal Penrhos.

Rydal Penrhos staff deserve an exceptional amount of credit for keeping pupils progressing in the right way from the comfort of their own homes. But there is simply no substitute for face-to-face learning and the benefits of interacting on a daily basis.

This outstanding approach to remote study has been reflected by a recent pupil survey, which gave the school some useful insight into how the structure and programme have been received by those who matter most.

Among some of the big takeaways from the survey was the benefits of the school’s free iPad initiative, which was introduced at the start of the academic year and has proven to be an incredible assistance for pupils of all ages.

Another standout feature from online learning has been the use of OneNote, which also went down extremely well, in addition to the improved efficiency of Microsoft Teams and keeping cameras on making things look a little bit more like a classroom environment.

Teaching staff also received plenty of praise for always being on hand to answer questions and emails from pupils any almost any time of day. This attention to detail and care for young learners is something that’s brought an incredible amount of academic success across the school in recent years and long may it continue.

Here are some comments that pupils made along with the survey

“Good communication between teachers and pupils. Teachers have been helpful in trying to resolve any issues regarding work.”

“The iPads! It has been SO helpful to be able to have Teams on one device and OneNote on the other. The iPad has been very useful to me in this time, especially the pens for making notes. It allows me the option of handwriting on the iPad or typing on my laptop.”

“I don’t feel like I’ve fallen behind in any of my subjects.”

“I think the way the teachers have ensured you are doing the work meant that I have stayed up to date with my learning.”

“Using OneNote has been a big help.”

“Teachers have been supportive and understanding, having the cameras on has helped me as it feels like I am more in a classroom with my peers.”

“The Maths department has used the provided technology to a level that let’s us almost match the pace of normal school.”


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