Pre-School activities for Mental Health Awareness Day
October 12, 2022

Pre-School children at Rydal Penrhos participated in a series of thought-provoking activities as part of Mental Health Awareness Day.

In addition to the outstanding academic and extra-curricular education provided at Rydal Penrhos, the school also implements a Pastoral system that is second to none and enables each child to feel happy, safe and supported.

This enables them to get the very most out of their time in the classroom. We are always striving to maintain excellent standards in areas such as well-being and mental health, topics that are becoming increasingly important in an ever-changing world.

The school’s exceptional teaching staff are always on hand to lend support in whatever way is needed. They also do an outstanding job of using awareness campaigns and special events to get pupils taking.

It starts from a very early age. Something that was evident once again this week as Pre-School children participated in a series of activities as part of Mental Health Awareness Day, which was held on Monday 10 October.

Under the supervision of caring staff within the department, the youngest members of the Rydal Penrhos community spent time discussing emotions, what they represent and their significance.

This was followed by the group listening to stories relating to emotions that provoked some fantastic discussion from the enthusiastic learners.

Relaxation techniques were also prominent throughout the session, with Pre-Schoolers taking part in a special online yoga class that was a source of great excitement and something new for them to experience.

It was another worthwhile exercise for the children, who got the opportunity to delve more into their feelings, express themselves and become more comfortable from a personal perspective and within their surroundings. Well done to all and thanks to go the Pre-School staff for their efforts.


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